The Guardian – While Williamson calls for discipline, our children’s hopes crumble around them | Polly Toynbee

The education secretary’s idea of ‘behaviour hubs’ to teach other schools how to keep order shows just how little he cares

“There is nothing Dickensian about a classroom that is a well-ordered, disciplined environment, where firm and fair teaching gives every child the chance to learn.” So says Wackford Squeers, our abysmally unfit education secretary, who claims children have lacked “discipline and order” during lockdown.

“Behaviour hubs” will act as models to teach other schools how to keep order under the thumb of the minister’s adviser, zero – tolerance-toting Tom Bennett. “If they haven’t learned the importance of basic good manners, of courtesy and of respect for others, they will certainly struggle when it comes to making their way in adult society”, writes Williamson in the Telegraph. But it seems to have done no harm to the education secretary himself, a man sacked from the cabinet in 2019 over alleged leaks from the National Security Council, and recently described by Sir Alan Duncan as “a venomous, self-seeking little shit”.

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